Test-it 10

Urine Test Strips, 100’s


  • Urine based
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative results in 60 seconds
  • Visual reading and analyzer ready
  • Cost equivalent to protein-only dipsticks
  • Complements clinical findings and patient history
  • Sensitivity and specifity of 85% and 84% [95% Cl]
  • Description

    Product Description

    Standard and most popular urinalysis product.


    • Glucose
    • Ketone
    • Protein
    • pH
    • Blood
    • Nitrite
    • Leukocytes
    • Urobilinogen
    • Bilirubin
    • Specific Gravity
  • Instructions for Use

    Instructions for Use

    Check the color label that the expiry date and maximum storage temperature of the test strips have not been exceeded. Do not use if product is beyond the expiry date, or if stored at wrong temperatures.

    Ask the patient to collect midstream urine in a clean container, free of any disinfectant or soap residue. The urine sample is handed to a healthcare worker for testing.

    Now, remove one test strip from the container. Do not touch the reagent areas. Immediately close the container securely using the original cap.
    Briefly (1 second only), dip the test strip into the urine so that both reagent pads are wet, then remove.

    Blot the side of the test strip on absorbent paper to remove excess urine.

    Start the clock.

    After exactly 60 seconds, compare the colors on the test strip with the color scale on the container and immediately write down the results.