Fat Burn Test Strips, 100’s


  • EASY: Simple instructions included to help monitor your Ketone levels while dieting. Ketones are the result of your body being in a ketonic state. This inidicates that your body is burning fat instead of carbohydrates which can help you achieve your weight loss goals.
  • INSTANT: Results in Seconds from the comfort of your home! No need to send away for lab results.
  • ACCURATE: High Quality Reagents used to help identify your precise Ketone level.
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  • Description

    Product Description

    A metabolic marker for tracking weight loss.

    Now, a newly developed advanced 4th generation urine dipstick test (LIPOstix) can be employed as a very accurate marker of fat metabolism (burning fat) and hydration. This product, which incorporates molecular principles for the first time, detects the major ketone bodies b-hydroxybuterate and acetoacetic acid in urine, and can thus be used as a measuring tool for adherence to low-carbohydrate diet, or to verify the efficacy of an exercise programme in conjunction with diet. At the same time, it is an invaluable tool helping the individual to monitor and maintain optimal hydration through measuring the specific gravity of the urine, an essential component of any serious weight loss programme.


    • Ketones
    • Specific Gravity
    • Ascorbic Acid
  • Instructions for Use

    Instructions for Use

    Check the color label that the expiry date and maximum storage temperature of the test strips have not been exceeded. Do not use if product is beyond the expiry date, or if stored at wrong temperatures.

    Ask the patient to collect midstream urine in a clean container, free of any disinfectant or soap residue. The urine sample is handed to a healthcare worker for testing.

    Now, remove one test strip from the container. Do not touch the reagent areas. Immediately close the container securely using the original cap.
    Briefly (1 second only), dip the test strip into the urine so that both reagent pads are wet, then remove.

    Blot the side of the test strip on absorbent paper to remove excess urine.

    Start the clock.

    After exactly 60 seconds, compare the colors on the test strip with the color scale on the container and immediately write down the results.