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Anagrelide HCL

0.5mg capsules
(bottle of 100's)

  • Essential Thrombocythemia (ET)
  • Thrombocythemia secondary to MPD

What is Agrylin® and why is it prescribed?

Agrylin is a prescription medication with the generic name anagrelide hydrochloride. It is prescribed for the treatment of patients with thrombocytosis, a condition in which there are too many platelets in the blood. Thrombocytosis is often present in patients with MPDs like Essential Thrombocythemia (ET) and Polycythemia-Vera (P-Vera).

How does Agrylin® work?

The way that Agrylin works in the body to reduce your platelet count is not fully understood.

What is known, however, is that the action of Agrylin is focused specifically on platelets.

As a result, Agrylin may not have a clinically significant effect on other cells in your blood, such as white cells, which help fight infection, and has no clinically significant effect on red cells, which carry oxygen throughout your body.

In addition, Agrylin does not affect the body's natural processes to clot blood when needed.

Agrylin, therefore, lowers your platelet count and offers the safety advantages of platelet-specific action.

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